Our product portfolio includes machines for mounting a stringing Fe-Al conductors, OPGW, Fe. Winches, hydraulic pullers and tensioner - pullers with a pull of 180 kN with remote control. Hydraulic driven head group and other accessories. Pulleys of various structures and capacity. ALU ladders, platforms for vertical, inclined and horizontal use, ALU-design for mounting masts. Carts for work on overhead line conductors with manual and motorized. Techniques for pressing and cutting. Hydraulic high-pressure actuators with electrical or internal combustion engine. Lifting and rigging equipment. Anti-twisting galvanised steel wire ropes. Nylon ropes, polypropylene and Kevlar. Auxiliary mounting tools and products. Hydraulic pullers for pulling cables. Machines for underground laying cables. Cable rollers and tracks. Stands and chassis for cable drums. Electric hand tools.

We also provide:
Development, construction solutions and custom manufacturing equipment according to customer's request. Professional and high quality service not only to the goods supplied.